Madness from the global niches

Simon Grab has been playing as a DJ for the dancefloor and for radio shows. As a member of the Norient Collective and the Motherland Soundsystem, he used to focus on urban electronic beats and bass music from the global niches: Kuduro, Kwaito, Gqom, Electro Chaabi, Afrohouse, Cumbia Electronica, etc. Coming from a rather dubby background he passes his mixes through his set of sound effects, mixing and mashing it up with experimental noise sounds, glueing together the whole madness to a tropical dirty soundwall.
When being asked to do selections for radio shows Grab likes to go beyond his usual dancefloor selection, adding an eclectic mix of historic recordings from musique concrete,  early noise releases, to weird electronics, dark metal and what- and whoever he crosses on his own musical path.