Raw Bass Feedback

Analog no-input mixing environment in search for the ultimate bass pulsation.

By drastically reducing his live equipment to a simple analog no-input mixing environment Simon Grab is searching for the ultimate bass pulsation within notorious and barely controllable feedback loops. From minimal clicks to short bursts of noises to maximal bass feedback, Simon Grab squeezes the electronic components of the mixing desk inside out, letting them dance to their own beat.

The co-founder of ganzerplatz sound studios has been an active musician and producer in a wide range of musical contexts. As a composer and sound artist he produced music & sound design for feature films, documentaries, theatre and radio. In live performances and installations Simon Grab uses the venue as an acoustic playground. He likes exploring new grounds by negating existing borders, though staying addicted to dub and noise, with an everlasting punk attitude.

Please do yourself a favor and listen on a decent soundsystem or headphones.

The black files


The red files


Live at the Festival Les Digitales Bern.

…more coming soon.



Live at Umbo Zurich 2018.

Photos by Nik Schaerer